Apple iPad 2020 front panel

Credit: Eric Zeman / Android Authority
  • Apple has officially discontinued the 9th-generation iPad.
  • The 10th-gen iPad has been discounted to a starting price of $349.

Following months of anticipation, Apple delivered major upgrades to its iPad lineup today, unveiling its most powerful iPad Pros ever alongside redesigned iPad Air models. With this launch, Apple has also officially discontinued the 9th-gen iPad, which was the last in Apple’s tablet lineup to feature the iconic home button.

With the 9th generation out of the official Apple store, the spotlight shifts to the 10th-generation iPad as Apple’s most affordable tablet offering. Apple has solidified this position with a substantial $100 price reduction. The iPad (10th generation) now starts at $349 for its 64GB variant, closely matching the original price of the iPad (9th generation).