apple watch series 6 review siri voice assistant

Credit: Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority
  • Apple quietly added a new Siri app to the iOS App Store in August.
  • The Siri Speech Study app lets selected users offer their feedback about Siri to Apple.
  • Users have to be invited to access the app by Apple.

The Siri digital assistant has been a part of Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices for years. However, even after all this time, Siri still has issues recognizing even the simplest voice commands. Now it looks like Apple wants to be proactive in improving Siri. TechCrunch reports that a special Siri app has now made its way to the iOS App Store.

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The Siri Speech Study app, spotted by the research company Sensor Tower, first launched on August 9. It’s available in many different countries, including the US. However, the app cannot be found by browsing or searching through the iOS Appstore.

When contacted by TechCrunch, Apple said the app is invite-only; you can’t just find it and then start using it. If you happen to be invited, you will be directed to the app, which is basically just a link to access a license agreement, along with a screen where the user would type in their unique ID number.

The new Siri app will give those selected users a way to provide direct feedback to Apple. They will see a list of requests to Siri they have made and send feedback on any of those requests they select. If a Siri request ended up with the wrong command or information, that’s the kind of feedback that Apple would like to receive. Other than the feedback users pick to send back to Apple, no other information is collected or sent to the company.

Hopefully, this survey app will allow Apple to get Siri up to speed finally. In the meantime, iPhone and iPad owners will likely continue to have issues with using Siri for a while to come.