Nomad Tracking Card

Credit: Nomad
  • Nomad has unveiled a new wallet tracking card for Apple’s Find My network.
  • The company claims its locater is one of the thinnest trackers on the market.
  • The Tracking Card can last up to five months on a single charge.

While much of the attention is currently on Google’s revamped Find My Device network, it isn’t the only locator network getting new trackers. Electronics accessory maker Nomad is launching a new tracker for Apple’s Find My app.

In a social post on X (formerly Twitter), Nomad announced the Tracking Card, a device designed to help users keep track of their wallets. This particular tracker is compatible with the Apple Find My app, measures about two credit cards thick, and has an IPX7 rating for water and dust resistance. Nomad boasts that its wallet tracker is one of the thinnest trackers on the market.