• Apple has confirmed it will provide security updates for a minimum of five years since the iPhone 15 went on sale.
  • This is the first time that Apple has ever committed to a minimum length of software support for an iPhone.
  • In contrast, its competitors Samsung and Google currently guarantee a minimum of seven years of security updates for their respective flagship devices.

If you’re looking to spend hundreds of dollars on the best phone available right now, one thing you’ll need to consider is how many updates you’ll get. A $1,000 phone that only gets three years of updates means you’ll need to upgrade your phone after those three years if you want to stay secure. Although phone update policies vary wildly by brand, most brands will explicitly tell you how long they’ll support their devices.

There’s one notable exception to this, though, and it’s Apple. Historically, Apple has not provided a minimum guarantee for software support, though it has often bested other companies when it comes to updates. Now, though, Apple has finally committed to a minimum support lifetime for the iPhone, and it’s surprisingly less than what some of its competitors offer.