iPad Air 5th gen in use as a tablet 1

Credit: Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority

Opinion post by
Mahmoud Itani

For years, the iPad has been the most popular and successful tablet out there. While we can’t ignore the range of excellent Android tablets, Apple has carved out a sizable market share lead that’s nearly double its closest competitor. That’s thanks to solid software support, a vast library of well-optimized apps, tight ecosystem ties, and multiple variants that cater to different customers’ needs.

As a tech journalist who straddles the Android/iOS divide, I like to keep my Apple hardware up to date, even when the upgrades don’t necessarily warrant it. However, even if the iPad Pro 7 and iPad Air 6 are expected to launch on May 7 with some significant additions, I still plan to stick to my Air 5 model for the foreseeable future.