Apple WWDC 2024 macos iphone mirroring standby

Credit: Apple
  • Apple announced the upcoming macOS Sequoia update at its annual WWDC event.
  • The update brings a new Continuity feature, iPhone Mirroring, alongside window tiling and other long-awaited features.
  • You can now use your Mac’s keyboard and trackpad to interact with iPhone apps.

At its WWDC 2024, Apple announced macOS Sequoia and a significant expansion to Continuity, dubbed iPhone Mirroring. As the label suggests, the feature will let you remotely control your smartphone directly from a Mac. To access this feature, Apple is adding a new iPhone Mirroring icon that will permanently live in the Mac dock. Clicking on it will launch a new window with the iPhone’s home screen streamed wirelessly.

You can launch and interact with any iPhone app using the Mac’s trackpad and keyboard and the phone will even pass along audio to the computer. Moreover, since this feature is part of Apple’s broader Continuity suite, it extends beyond screen mirroring. For starters, iPhone notifications will now show up alongside your Mac notifications and you can simply click on one to launch screen mirroring.