• As part of the latest Android Feature Drop, Google has announced a widget for Google Home that lets users toggle their smart home devices right from their home screen.
  • This widget is currently available in the Google Home Public Preview program, but we presume it will graduate to the stable branch in the future.
  • Wear OS is also getting a Google Home Favorites tile and complication, which will let you control your smart home quickly from your wrist.

As part of the May 2024 Android Feature Drop, Google is officially rolling out some much-awaited features for Google Home users. Those who have built their smart home centered around Google Home will now have more ways to control their favorite or most accessed smart home devices.

Android users can now add a Google Home widget to their home screen, featuring their favorite smart home device controls. This is incredibly useful, especially if you have devices that you constantly toggle or access throughout the day. The widget is also surprisingly flexible, letting you resize to your desired configuration to suit your home screen.