Chromecast with Google TV HD remote 3

Credit: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority
  • Android TV 14 beta includes strings that indicate that users will be able to remap a blank “star” button on their remote.
  • The button can be remapped to open favorite apps or switch between inputs for your TV.
  • This feature is likely to be made available to new TV remotes that have blank buttons. Existing branded buttons are unlikely to be remapped.

Android TVs have found their place in millions of homes around the world, and that’s not very surprising. As an OS, Android TV is functional and feature-rich, serving you great content recommendations and getting out of your way when you sit down to watch. It seems Google wants to make it easier for you to get to your favorite apps and content, as the latest Android TV 14 beta builds indicate that remappable shortcut buttons are finally coming to Android TV remotes.

As spotted by Mishaal Rahman, Android TV 14’s beta builds include strings that indicate that the OS will soon let you create shortcuts to your favorite apps, which can then be mapped to a blank button on your remote. Users could also choose to use the custom button to view and switch inputs for the TV or other connected devices instead.