samsung galaxy logo closeup

Credit: Robert Triggs / Android Authority
  • Samsung Galaxy A55 owners are reporting that the software update page now shows two stages of installation.
  • It’s possible the March 2024 patch may have introduced Android’s seamless updates to the Galaxy A55.
  • It doesn’t appear that seamless updates have made it to Samsung’s other smartphones yet.

Samsung has long fought off any attempts to convince it to adopt Android’s seamless updates. This feature makes it so updates are downloaded in the background, allowing owners to continue using their devices until a reboot is required. However, recent reports suggest the tech giant may have finally changed its stance on the feature, at least for the Galaxy A55.

According to Mishaal Rahman, owners of the recently released Galaxy A55 are reporting that after updating the phone, the software update screen now shows two stages of installation. There now appears to be a “downloading and installing” and a “verification” stage.