• Google is preparing a Private Space feature for Android 15 that creates a separate profile for you to save apps to.
  • This Private Space feature was first spotted in an Android beta a few months ago.
  • Google has continued to work on this feature, recently adding new settings to automatically lock your private space as well as hide sensitive notifications on the lock screen.

Google will be releasing Android 15 later this year, and it’ll be chock full of useful new features. One of the most anticipated new features in the upcoming update is Private Space, a feature that lets you install apps in a separate, locked profile that can be hidden at any time. When I first documented the feature last year, it wasn’t fully implemented at the time. While the Private Space feature still hasn’t gone live yet, I can now share more details about its setup process and functionality.

With the release of Android 14 QPR3 Beta 2.1 earlier this week, more details have emerged about the upcoming Private Space feature within the OS. For starters, the setup flow has been revamped to include more information about the feature as well as a recommendation to create a new Google account dedicated to Private Space.