• Android 15 Beta 3 prepares to add a new Device Diagnostics menu in the Settings app.
  • The Device Diagnostics menu lets you run some manual tests and view your device’s battery and storage health.
  • It also lets you enter an “evaluation mode” to run and validate tests from a trusted device.

With companies like Samsung and Google extending their phone update policies to seven years, it’s never been more important to research what your options are in case your phone breaks or seems to be wearing down in some way. Even though many hardware issues can’t be properly diagnosed — let alone repaired — without taking your phone to a repair center, there are some things you can check yourself to save you some time and money. In the upcoming Android 15 update, Google is preparing to add a dedicated device diagnostics page that lets you run some manual tests and check up on the health of some of your phone’s internal components.

Google released Android 15 Beta 3 earlier this week, and after tinkering with the build on one of my Pixel phones, I managed to surface a new entry in the Settings app called Device Diagnostics. This entry is located under the Settings > System location, and while it doesn’t have a description, it’s obvious what this page does after opening it.