• Android 15’s new notification cooldown feature will also stop repetitive vibrations.
  • Previously, we confirmed notification cooldown gradually lowers the volume when you get a lot of successive notifications from the same app.
  • Now we know it’ll also be able to stop these notifications from vibrating your phone — unless it’s unlocked.

When Google released the first developer preview for its upcoming Android 15 update earlier this year, it included a handy new feature called “notification cooldown.” The feature, as its name implies, puts notifications on cooldown when they get annoying. Thanks to notification cooldown, Android 15, by default, will gradually lower the notification volume when you get many successive notifications from the same app. One issue with the notification cooldown feature, though, is that it does nothing to stop these same notifications from constantly vibrating your phone. That’s set to change in the near future, though.

While digging through the latest Android 15 Beta 1.2 update, I managed to bring back the settings page for notification cooldown (Settings > Notifications > Notification cooldown) that Google hid from users in Android 15 Beta 1. In the process, I also discovered a new toggle that wasn’t present before: “vibrate when unlocked.” According to the description, this toggle makes it so your phone will “only vibrate when [the] screen is unlocked.” In other words, enabling this toggle should prevent your phone from vibrating in your pocket when you receive a ton of successive notifications from the same app.