• Android 15 is preparing a big redesign of the volume panel that also makes it collapsible.
  • Android’s volume panel lets you change the media, call, ringer, notification, and alarm volume.
  • The volume panel’s UI is a few years old and doesn’t follow the latest Material Design guidelines.

Back in 2021, Google released Material You, a major revamp to the company’s design language. Material You design elements were first incorporated into that year’s Android 12 release. Although Android’s current design hasn’t changed drastically since then, it has received minor tweaks in the few releases since. In the upcoming Android 15 release, Google is finally planning to revamp the system volume panel UI.

The volume panel appears when the user presses a volume key and then taps the three-dot menu at the bottom. The current design features five different sliders for each volume stream. From top to bottom, these include media, call, ring, notification, and alarm volume controls. A thin slider controls the level of each. Apart from the panel’s header, stream icons, and sliders, there are also buttons to open Android’s sound and vibration settings and dismiss the panel. Finally, if there’s any active media playback, a shortcut to open Android’s media output switcher will appear underneath the media volume slider.