• A new “adaptive vibration” feature has appeared on the latest Android 15 beta for Pixel phones.
  • This feature uses your phone’s microphone and other sensors to determine the sound levels and context.
  • It then automatically adjusts your phone’s vibrations based on your environment.

Earlier today, Google rolled out the second beta release of Android 15. Android 15 Beta 2 brings a load of new features, many of which Android Authority previously revealed. However, the new release has some features that we didn’t anticipate, such as a new “adaptive vibration” feature that’s quietly gone live for many Pixel users.

Under Settings > Sound & vibration > Vibration & haptics in Android 15 Beta 2, there’s a new adaptive vibration option. This setting appeared for multiple Pixel 7 Pro and Pixel 8 Pro users, so it doesn’t seem to be limited to just one model. According to its description, adaptive vibration “automatically adjusts your phone’s vibrations based on your environment.” It does this by using your phone’s “microphone and other sensors” to “determine sound levels and context.” To preserve privacy, “no data is recorded.”