• The first Android 15 beta is available now for supported Pixel devices.
  • Some highlights of this release include OS-based app archiving, automatic support for edge-to-edge apps, and more.
  • With this first beta release, Google is on track for a stable launch in the late summer/early fall.

Since February, we’ve been telling you about all the cool new features in the developer previews of Android 15. Today, though, we’ve reached a significant milestone: the first beta launch. This means developer previews are done, and Android 15 is ready for testing by the general public.

If you own a recent Pixel device, you can give Android 15 a shot today. We only recommend doing this if the Pixel device is not your main smartphone since Android 15 is still buggy and unreliable. Either way, if you have any of the following Pixels, Android 15 is ready for you: