• Android 15 is preparing to add a screensaver called “Home Controls” that lets you control your Google Home devices when your device is idle and charging.
  • Android already lets you control your Google Home devices through the voice assistant, an app, a Quick Setting tile, and a lock screen shortcut, but this screensaver will be new.
  • This screensaver isn’t currently available, but we managed to activate it to show it off.

Although it has its fair share of problems, one benefit of investing in Google’s smart home ecosystem is how easy it is to control from your smartphone. You can invoke Google Assistant on any screen to quickly control your devices with your voice or you can open the Google Home app to change settings more precisely. Since Android 12, you’ve also been able to access your smart home control dashboard by tapping on a Quick Setting tile or lock screen shortcut. In the next release of Android, you may be able to access your Google Home devices from your screen saver.

Android 15 may introduce a new screensaver called “Home Controls” that lets you “quickly access your home controls as a screensaver.” Although this screensaver isn’t currently visible in the latest Android 15 Developer Preview 2 or Android 14 QPR3 Beta 2.1 releases, I managed to activate it manually. Once live, the Home Controls screen saver will appear alongside other screensavers under Settings > Display > Screen saver.