Drawing Android Authority logo on the Moto G Stylus 2023

Credit: Adam Birney / Android Authority
  • The latest Android 14 beta includes improvements in how the OS handles a stylus.
  • Pressing a stylus’s tail button will open the default note-taking app.
  • New settings to ignore stylus button presses and a shortcut to change the default note-taking app have also been added.

Android 14‘s third beta is here, and it gives us a good look at some of the changes that Google has planned for the future of Android. With Android 14, Google is improving how the OS handles stylus, with new settings to change the default notes app and a toggle to ignore all stylus button presses.

As spotted by Mishaal Rahman, Android 14 contains code to differentiate between various buttons on a stylus: the primary button closest to the tip, the secondary button, the tertiary button, and the tail button. Pressing the tail button will launch the note-taking app you have set as default.