disney plus star wars

Credit: Disney

It’s hard to believe that almost everything filmed related to Star Wars is now available to stream on Disney Plus for a relatively low monthly fee. In addition to all the films, you can also check out tons of Star Wars TV shows as well. We decided to offer a list of the Star Wars series, ranked from worst to best. The truth is that all of these shows have some measure of quality to them, but which one is really the best?

A quick word about this list: We have decided to bypass the kids animated shows like Droids or Ewoks that were made in the 1980s on this list because they are just not worth anyone’s time. That also goes for The Ewok Adventure live-action TV movies and all those Lego Star Wars shows and specials. If you want to check out the Star Wars shows on this list, or almost anything Star Wars-related, you can sign up for Disney Plus at the link below: