Opinion post by
Thomas Triggs

I recently had a hearing test and some molded earplugs made. The hearing protection I now receive was well worth the minor discomfort I had to endure when having the casts taken. In addition to much better isolation than universal earplugs, molded plugs are much more comfortable. However, I have found the inclusion of a removable neckband most useful. Previously, I would have to store earplugs loosely in my pocket until I put them in my ears. But now that my molded earplugs are tethered with a string, I never worry about losing them. If anything, I now find wearing untethered earbuds a little anxiety-inducing (think of all the times you’ve nearly dropped a bud down the drain — you’ll know what I mean).

Removable neckbands are an easy way to keep your earbuds safe from accidental drops and falls.

And that got me thinking: If a small earplug company can incorporate a removable neckband, so can multi-million dollar earbud companies.