Humane AI Pin hero image

Credit: Adamya Sharma / Android Authority
  • AI startup Humane is now reportedly looking for buyers.
  • The Humane AI Pin received extremely poor reviews after its launch.
  • Humane has since integrated GPT-4o in the pin for improved performance.

The Humane AI Pin created quite a buzz at the Mobile World Congress this year, where many journalists like me got to see and experience it in person for the first time. The company later sent out review units of the pin to many publications and influencers, but that backfired quickly and stunningly. Most reviewers found that the Humane AI Pin was not ready for primetime, with many of its promised features just not working the way they were supposed to. At $700 plus a subscription, the wearable device just didn’t seem like a worthy investment. YouTuber MKBHD even called it “the worst product” he has ever reviewed. Looks like the company has suffered adversely because of all the negative press.