OpenAI on website on smartphone stock photo (1)

Credit: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority
  • AI experts, including former OpenAI employees, released an open letter calling for better safety measures and whistleblower protections in the AI industry.
  • Signatories propose eliminating non-disparagement clauses, implementing anonymous reporting systems, and fostering a culture of open criticism and transparency.
  • OpenAI has responded to the letter detailing the steps it’s taking to address these concerns.

Update, June 4, 2024 (5:29 PM ET): OpenAI has reached out to Android Authority, emphasizing the company’s commitment to providing capable and safe AI systems. Here is the official statement from the OpenAI spokesperson:

We’re proud of our track record providing the most capable and safest AI systems and believe in our scientific approach to addressing risk. We agree that rigorous debate is crucial given the significance of this technology, and we’ll continue to engage with governments, civil society, and other communities around the world. This is also why we have avenues for employees to express their concerns, including an anonymous integrity hotline and a Safety and Security Committee led by members of our board and safety leaders from the company.