As expected, the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) did not secure funding by May 31, and the program is now officially over after today. This leaves over 20 million Americans facing significant choices. If you are among those affected, hopefully, you have already taken precautions by either switching to more affordable plans or finding alternative forms of assistance. Some of you may have been holding out hope that the FCC — or another entity — might once again intervene, as it did by partially covering costs for the month of May. Now that there is no hope left the program will continue, you may be wondering about the best alternatives to the ACP.

Sign up for Lifeline Assistance if you haven’t already

With ACP no longer available, Lifeline remains the only federally supported internet assistance service for low-income citizens. Although not as generous as ACP, Lifeline offers a monthly subsidy of $9.25 that can be applied towards broadband or phone services. There’s a possibility you are already enrolled in this program, as it was possible to have both ACP and Lifeline concurrently.