Diablo Immortal phone

Credit: Asus
  • Asus has released another special edition version of the ROG Phone 6.
  • The new special edition of the ROG Phone 6 is themed after Diablo Immortal.
  • The Diablo Immortal Edition comes with some Diablo-themed packaging.

Asus is no stranger to making special editions of its phones. In fact, just this September, the company released a Batman-themed edition of the ROG Phone 6. And it looks like Asus is back at it again, this time with a Diablo Immortal skin.

In collaboration with Blizzard Entertainment, Asus has revealed the new ROG Phone 6 Diablo Immortal Edition. According to its announcement, the limited edition phone will not only be themed after Diablo Immortal, but will also have matching accessories.