Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 crease

Credit: Ryan Haines / Android Authority
  • Apple has filed a patent for a self-healing foldable screen.
  • The screen could heal itself from scratches and dents without user intervention or via external stimuli.

We’ve heard rumors and read reports about Apple‘s foldable devices for a while now, although it sounds like we shouldn’t expect the company’s first device any time soon. However, a new patent points to one potential area of differentiation for a future foldable from Apple.

Apple Insider spotted an Apple patent that was filed with the US Patent and Trade Office (USPTO). The patent describes a device with a self-healing folding screen, adding that it could be anything from a laptop or tablet to a smartphone, monitor, or wearable. The filing notes that the self-healing material — which would heal scratches and dents — can either cover the entire display cover layer or only the flexible/bending portion of it.