In addition to Arm’s 2023 CPU cores, we’re taking a deep dive into what Arm has built into its recently announced 5th Gen mobile graphics architecture that will inevitably power future high-end mobile games. Before getting into the fine details, Arm’s 2023 GPU architecture comes in three product varieties — the Immortalis-G720, Mali-G720, and Mali-G620.

Like last year’s Immortalis-G715, Immortalis-G720 is the flagship product designed with ray tracing capabilities in hand. The Mali-G720 and G620 sport the same architectural capabilities, just with fewer cores and no mandatory ray tracing for more affordable product lines. As in previous Arm GPUs, the graphics core count remains key to scaling performance. So expect to see the Immortalis-G720 in flagship chipsets, the Mali-G720 in the upper-mid-range, and the G620 in more budget-oriented products. The table below highlights the key differences.