Google Pixel 8 Pro Zoom Enhance (3)

Credit: Google
  • Google revealed the Zoom Enhance feature for the Pixel 8 Pro back in October 2023.
  • The company said it would be launched as part of a future Feature Drop.
  • The feature is still missing almost eight months after the initial reveal.

Google teased a so-called Zoom Enhance feature during the Pixel 8 series launch last year. This feature would use generative AI to enhance a picture’s details after the fact when you zoom in on it, akin to the same effect seen in TV shows like CSI. It’s been almost eight months since the feature was revealed, so where is it?

The company noted at the time of the Zoom Enhance reveal that it would be coming to the Pixel 8 Pro via a future Feature Drop. The December and March Feature Drops have already landed, though, and we haven’t seen the functionality yet.