Mobile gaming continued its domination in 2022. There were a number of high-profile releases, and some of them already have tens of millions of downloads with a healthy active player base. It’s that time of year to find out the best ones and reward them appropriately. Like most years, most of the games on the list are free to play. We know some people don’t like those, but they’ve improved since the old days. 2022 wasn’t the craziest year, but there are still some keepers here. Here are the best Android games released in 2022. We also have a list of honorable mentions below the main list.

We sorted through over 200 total games for this piece, with many more left on the cutting room floor. The cutoff for this article is December 10th, 2022. Thus, if a game came out on or around that date, it was not considered for this list since we haven’t had the opportunity to test it yet.